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Lake Austin
Lake Austin
Texas, USA receives
5 Stars and 6 Stripes
Extraordinary - Society
5 Stars & 6 Stripes
Hotel & Service

The Ultimate Award:
Seven Stars and Stripes™
Suddenly, I saw myself walking down a straight path, rising slightly through a dense Texas live oak forest. It was me alright, I could tell by the relaxed way that I usually walk and from my vantage point somewhere up in the treetops, I could tell that I wasn't really walking on the path but about six inches above it. There was a deep red glow filtering through the arboreal forest and as I floated over the approaching rise the glow became more intense and garnet red. Although I heard the pulsating beats of a Tabla drum, I couldn't tell where it was coming from; this was followed by the rhythmic, cobra-like sounds of a flute, which together seemed like they were competing for my attention. My out-of-body experience was pleasant, I thought as I glided towards the deepening glow on the horizon.

"Turn yourself in my direction" came a gentle voice, the words spiraling downward from somewhere above my head. My consciousness struggled to regain itself and I arrived to find myself looking up at a large unfolded towel next to me. It seemed like it just floated there until I noticed the two hands at the top that were holding it in place. I listened while I received further instructions; "Lift up your legs just a little" didn't seem so hard and I felt the soft support of a pillow being placed under them.
It was then that I remembered the unique special treatment I had arranged earlier at the Lake House Spa situated on the banks of the peaceful Colorado river. I was in the midst of the "Coffee Scrub & Massage", one of the signature treatments at this holistic center known for its unique approach to body-mind wellness. I recalled reading the description of 'an invigorating scrub and massage' using coffee grounds to exfoliate the dead skin cells while 'preparing your skin to drink in a soothing blend of olive and hemp sea oil' and other exotic elements. The reality of it was infinitely better than one could imagine just by reading the brochure and left to the talented, healing hands of therapist Kate, it was an other-worldly experience.
Lake Austin Spa
"Peace is not a relationship of nations. It is a condition of mind brought about by a serenity of soul.
Peace is not merely the absence of war. It is also a state of mind. Lasting peace can come only to peaceful people."
~ Jawaharlal Nehru (1889 - 1964)
With the all the treatments now being performed in the newly opened Lake House Spa, a multi-million dollar addition to the resort, one can experience a plethora of creative and exciting spa services either inside or outside in a screened veranda overlooking the tree-covered hillside.

Some signature treatments:
  • Texas Starry Night - Lavender oil application, massage and body wrap using fresh herbal oil made from plants in the garden.
  • Gift of Our Garden - Exfoliation, shower, massage, body wrap and herbal elixir using therapeutic herbs cultivated on site.
  • Pumpkin Body Wrap - Body masque, wrap, shower and massage using the goodness of pumpkin.
  • Star of India - Ayurvedic scalp and neck massage with full body herbal treatment, balancing body, mind and spirit. Gentle herbal pressure is applied to the famous "third eye" for soothing your "vital energy".
  • Texas Pecan Scrub - Using locally grown pecans to exfoliate and condition the skin.
  • Coffee Scrub & Massage - Coffee grounds mixed with olive, hemp sea oil, shea butter and herbal extracts exfoliate and moisturize the skin while refreshing muscles and protecting from oxidation, sunlight and pollution.

We finished our expertly performed treatments within minutes of each other (Phyllis had the Pumpkin Body Wrap) and bounced off each other as we made our way through the elaborate rock and flower gardens, down to the main building in our robes. We were ready to experience the award winning spa cuisine of Food Services Director Terry Conlan. Chef Conlan prides himself on featuring an innovative menu that changes daily, offering bright, fresh colors interwoven with diverse textures to produce 3-dimensional creatively tasty cuisine. His philosophy emphasizes the importance of combining healthy nourishment with concentrated flavor profiles. Chef Conlan loves building his menu options from soup to nuts based on many courses of small portions, giving you a lovely experience of sampling various items while ending your meal with the perfect feeling of contentment.
Lake Austin Suite - Please take a closer look
Sleep came quickly on Lake Austin and we drifted off to a deep zone peacefully while the wonders of a huge Texas starry nighty illuminated the quiet grounds of the resort. Our plan was to end our stay here with visit to the local greenbelt nature preserve by "boat, hike & picnic" and we were not to be disappointed. I diplomatically excused myself from Phyllis's suggestion to sign up for "Bikini Boot Camp" and although it sounded great for her I didn't think I needed to target my upper thighs, glutes and other 'trouble spots'.
I highly recommend taking this excursion as we thoroughly enjoyed seeing a little bit of the surrounding Texas hill country, populated with pecan, cedar and bald cypress trees. The event was handled superbly in keeping with the well managed overall experience of staying at Lake Austin Spa Resort.
A special thanks goes out to the caring, environmentally sensitive commitment to nature we learned from Ronnie & Nate while our lovingly prepared picnic was punctuated by the addition of fresh picked flowers and bright cheery colors through the concerted efforts of Katherine. Sadly, our unpretentious, all-encompassing, regenerative visit to Lake Austin Spa Resort was coming to an end and upon returning from our nature experience we sought out General Manager Tracy York to give thanks for hosting us in this exceptional corner of the world.
Terry Conlan & John Lomitola & Tracy York
Terry Conlan & John Lomitola & Tracy York
by Phyllis & John Lomitola

Editor-in-Chief: Ingrid Lemme
© 2005 ~ Seven Stars and Stripes, Inc.

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