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March 2009 - Newsletter - Seven Stars and Stripes
Seven Stars And Stripes Award Gazette
The Portal for Those who Deserve the Ultimate Award, Daring to Demand... March 2009
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Ty Warner Suite, Four Seasons, NY - USA
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Ty Warner - Penthouse - New York - Four Seasons
Four Seasons Logo
New York
Ty Warner Penthouse
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Ty Warner was aiming for the TOP 360-degree view of Manhattan; the Beanie Baby billionaire who made a fortune of designing and marketing cuddle toys, now put his mark on Manhattan's tallest hotel, in form of an amazing penthouse - that will be hard to find its equal. Mr. Warner hired designer Peter Marino and architect Ieoh Ming Pei (91), a highly respected Chinese-born American architect, known as the last master of high modernist architecture, who came out of retirement to work on the Ty Warner Penthouse. Covering the entire 52nd top floor of ‘The Four Seasons Hotel’, we entered the fabulous nine-room (400 square-meter) Ty Warner Penthouse by a silent, private elevator. It became quickly evident that star designer Peter Marino (Warhol, Armani, Valentino, etc) and architect I. M. Pei, have set their incomparable marks on this masterpiece of world class hospitality through class-A team work. ...
Ty Warner Penthouse - View
“Custom-commissioned in every detail, from semi-precious stone surfaces to fabrics woven with platinum and gold, the nine-room suite creates the sense of living within a multilayered work of art. “It raises the bar for even the most seasoned travelers” it says on the Four Season’s website. Glass balconies seem to hover without support from beneath, revealing unparalleled views of the most diverse city of the world, Uptown, Downtown and Midtown, including the Statue of Liberty, all the bridges and Central Park. Due to lack of better words, it can only be explained as “simply breathtaking”. The penthouse suite comes with a personal butler, a personal trainer / therapist and a private chauffeur for unlimited travel during ones stay. One may choose from a Rolls Royce Phantom or Mercedes Maybach for their excursions. Our team was able to make a few suggestions for some minor improvements and we see high potential for World Level Perfection. ...
Ty Warner Penthouse - Suite
Dear Friends, Thorsten Buehrmann (Piosczyk)
Since I live in the northern hemisphere I am by now yearning for spring, but I am grateful that through my frequent travels I get my fair share of natural sun. Last month I was in New York and though extremely cold but sunny, I visited Ty Warner’s penthouse suite which is covering the entire 52nd top floor of ‘The Four Seasons Hotel’. Ty Warner had been aiming for the TOP 360-degree view of Manhattan and he got it. The Beanie Baby billionaire, who made a fortune of designing and marketing cuddle toys, has now put his mark on Manhattan's tallest hotel, in form of an amazing penthouse - that will hardly find its equal. We just returned from Prague in the Czech Republic and resided at the Alchymist Grand Hotel and Spa, a glorious Baroque landmark dating back to the 16th century. Let me assure you, it is a true reflection of the graciousness and charisma of this amazing city. The Alchymist’s Ecsotica Spa, which has a fully equipped gym situated in an authentic gothic cellar, is truly one of a kind and belongs on ‘Your List’. Don’t miss the next gazette, as we will report in detail on all that we experienced, including a spa feast that the Romans would be envious of… Oh and before I forget, please flip through our most recent hardcover coffee table book below.
I remain yours truly
Signature Thorsten Buehrmann
Thorsten Buehrmann
Our exquisite hardcover coffee table books, which we create for each resort, hotel, spa and restaurant, feature the world-class highlights of each establishment along with our Seven Stars and Stripes review and award presentation. It is now also available online as a FLIP PAGES version. These impressive hard cover books, luxuriously wrapped, make great holiday gifts and keepsakes all the while showing the full potential of what the guest may experience. Please CLICK and Flip through the Seven Stars and Stripes review and award celebration at the Fairplay Golf Hotel and Spa in Andalusia, Spain… Enjoy!
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Congratulations to all, from your Guests and from Seven Stars and Stripes:
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  • For your devotion to your staff and company.
  • For your ability to receive.
  • For your decision to raise the bar.
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