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November / December 2010 - Newsletter - Seven Stars and Stripes
Seven Stars And Stripes Award Gazette
The Portal for Those who Deserve the Ultimate Award, Daring to Demand... Nov / Dec 2010
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Leopolis Hotel, Lviv - Ukraine
Lev Restaurant, Lviv - Ukraine
Walter Staib - Celebrity Chef
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Leopolis Hotel
Leopolis Hotel Logo
Lviv, Ukraine
5 Stars and 6 Stripes
5 Stars and 6 Stripes
Just steps from the Rynok Square, the Lviv Opera House, the Roman Catholic Church of Jesuits, the Latin Cathedral, the Armenian Church, the Town Hall and so many other architectural gems, the location of this small boutique hotel is priceless. The streets in the heart of the city are cobblestone flanked by old buildings that have survived World War II and the Soviet occupation largely unharmed. Check-in was amiable in the comfort of a casual elegant boutique style setting. Here we were invited to attend the daily complimentary Happy Hour for hotel guests at the house library, before dinner. Soon after, we were in the elevator to our accommodations on the second floor. I quickly slipped into a bathrobe, checked the well stocked mini bar and decided to take a shower while my laptop was charging its batteries. The bathroom was well equipped and nicely decorated, and featured bath amenities that were delightfully different.... (CLICK HERE for more)
Leopolis Hotel Libary
... We were looking forward to discovering the heart of the historic city and were delighted to find just steps from the hotel the ‘Opera Passage’ an upscale shopping mall which includes LVMH Moët Hennessy • Louis Vuitton S.A. and many others. Owned by the same investors that created Lviv’s new celebrated boutique hotel ‘Leopolis’, the close-by luxury mall seems like a great match and an open invitation for its guests. During our stay, it was Lviv’s Fashion Week, Kenzo Takada, a world-renowned Japanese fashion designer and founder of Kenzo, resided at the Leopolis as well. We had the great honor of meeting Lviv’s high society and Mr. Kenzo at the Fashion Week’s Gala Dinner at the ‘Opera Passage’. Loepolis’ Executive Chef Emanuel Wernbacher had catered here at Leopolis Hall, on the upper floor of the Opera Passage, an excellent three-course sit-down dinner with all the dressings. This venue makes an interesting spot for weddings, banquets and meetings of all kinds. This international gala dinner was spectacular, from the amazing decorations, the warm lighting to the fashionably dressed company. Ukraine’s National TV station covered ... (CLICK HERE for more)
Leopolis Hotel - Kenzo
... We are congratulating Mr. Udo Heine, Director of the Leopolis Hotel, Lviv to the formation of a well-rehearsed team that is able to showcase the vision of its investors. The level of service we experienced during our stay was excellent and is a result of a hands-on management who has an emphasis on continuous training. Mr. Heine’s formula for his success in making the Leopolis one of the most prestigious hotels in the country is constant supervision of quality, maintaining the highest level of service and making their guests feel at home. Mr. Heine and his teams are in the second phase of the hotel’ s development that will double the amount of accommodations and includes a new spa center, a conference hall, bars and restaurants.... (CLICK HERE for more)
Leopolis Hotel Award
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Hotel Adlon Logo
A fresh wind is blowing at the legendary Hotel Adlon Kempinski Berlin since the appointment of Oliver Eller as General Manager.
Congratulations to all, from your Guests and from Seven Stars and Stripes:
  • For your visible commitment to excellence.
  • For your willingness to be recognized for your latest innovations.
  • For your devotion to your staff and company.
  • For your ability to receive.
  • For your decision to raise the bar.
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* Seven Stars and Stripes Advisory Board Chef Walter Staib, an award-winning internationally known chef with over four decades of experience, is a master of open hearth cookery. He demonstrates a true mastery in the preparation of sophisticated 18th century cuisine, sure to inspire home-cooks
Dear Friends, Thorsten Buehrmann
”Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love.” wrote Hamilton Wright Mabie (1846-1916), and what could be more enticing then celebrating the holidays in ‘white’. The historic city center of Lviv is regarded as one of the main cultural centers of present day Ukraine and on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Fortunately one of the most prestigious hotels in the country, the Leopolis, is located right here. When you arrive there, it feels almost like a place where time has stopped. Well cared-for buildings, monuments and life-sized statues that patiently wait to be photographed are plenty. The tempestuous and exceptionally interesting history of Lviv emerged back in the mid 13th century. And don’t forget the cuisine! In an atmosphere of regal elegance fit for a Kaiser, the Lev Restaurant offers itself as a canvas on which Chef Wernbacher applies his colorfully creative strokes, in the form of his food presentations. We relished every bite of the Roasted Lamb Chop with Multicolored Arugula and Red wine Jus and then some. Until next month with interesting reviews of Lufthansa’s oversees Business Class flights and a report from the romantic Alchymist Grand Hotel & Spa in Prague and its Aquarius Restaurant. We wish you peace on earth, the most magical holiday season and best wishes throughout the New Year from the entire Seven Stars and Stripes Team.
I remain yours truly
Signature Thorsten Buehrmann
Thorsten Buehrmann
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Lev Restaurant
Leopolis - Logo
Lev Restaurant
Lviv, Ukraine
5 Stars and 4 Stripes
5 Stars and 4 Stripes
In an atmosphere of regal elegance fit for a Kaiser, the Lev Restaurant offers itself as the canvas on which Chef Wernbacher applies his colorfully creative strokes, in the form of his food presentations. On a recent visit to this restaurant, Chef Wernbacher’s unpretentious melding of ingredients using his own interpretations of historical recipes charmed and impressed us. Our dinner began with Yellowfin Tuna Tartar with sesame oil, limejuice and wafer-thin sliced ginger. A timbale shaped mound of lustrous, moist chopped red Ahi tuna, bright and firm with a pleasant smell of ocean air arrived as a first course.... (CLICK HERE for more)
Lev Restaurant Cuisine
... When paired together with the stimulating aromatics of a light bodied Sancerre, we found the 2007 Guy Saget Sancerre, Selection Premiere to be an appropriate suggestion. Next came Crispy Potato Towers Stuffed with Foie Gras, Paprika Reduction blending together the oddly familiar shape of potato in the form of the ever-present ‘onion dome’ churches in the area, while featuring the creamy richness of goose liver pate. We moved on to the main course of Roasted Lamb Chop with Multicolored Arugula and Red wine Jus. The hallmark of this dish was the deep, earthy flavor of the red wine jus in which we eagerly dipped garnet red tender morsels of lamb, while relishing every bite. ... (CLICK HERE for more)
Edmund Buehrmann & Emanuel Wernbacher
... For dessert Chef Wernbacher reached into his bag of tradition to present us with House made Apple Strudel with Vanilla Sauce and Plum Compote, a typically Viennese specialty that goes particularly good with a full-bodied demitasse of espresso. An Armenian Noy 10 Cognac, presented in a deep snifter to underscore powerful fruit and almond bouquet, immediately followed. We truly enjoyed our dining experience at Lev Restaurant and with the onset of Lviv gaining prominence with tourism off the beaten path, we feel that this restaurant will continue to excel. ... (CLICK HERE for more)
Lev Restaurant - Seven Star Award
Schloessle Hotel Book
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Walter Staib Newspaper

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