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Bellevue Restaurant
American Dream Cuisine™
Restaurant Bellevue Logo
Restaurant, Riga, Latvia
5 Stars and 4 Stripes
Extraordinary - Merit
December - 2005
5 Stars & 4 Stripes
Cuisine & Service

The Ultimate Award:
Seven Stars and Stripes™
At eleven stories above Riga, it is the closest that you can get to Latvian heaven if there were such a thing. Its interior design evokes a feeling of free falling from incredible heights as everywhere you look you are surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows with 180-degree views of the capitol city. Our gut feeling was one of excitement and anticipation that was heightened even more by the presence of several tables filled with happy convivial Latvians enjoying each other's company and obviously the food.
Before being seated, we met with Chef Inars Kalnins in his spotless, organized domain surrounded by the tools of his trade and his dedicated team. It seems that the word is out about Restaurant Bellevue's talented Chef Kalnins. His soft-spoken demeanor clearly hides a simmering, focused creativity developed after years of experience in the stylized kitchens of the Ritz Carlton in Wolfsburg, Germany and the Austria Center in Vienna. His arrival at Maritim Park Hotel four years ago carried with it a feeling of renaissance to the culinary greatness that is possible to achieve with talented leadership. Chef Kalnins has introduced his personalized expression of 'Fusion Kitchen' to the Bellevue with an emphasis on boundless experimentation in the European style and by the look of things success is evident.
Inars Kalnins & Thorsten Buehrmann
Inars Kalnins & Thorsten Buehrmann
“Chef Kalnins has introduced his personalized expression of 'Fusion Kitchen' to the Bellevue ... ” ~ TB
Our table's location was intense, as it was nestled between two very tall windows giving us the impression of being wedged safely on the precipice of an overhanging cliff. Arno immediately took out the camera and was sufficiently preoccupied not to notice the delicacies that were being placed on the table. Six types of home baked crusty breads including earthy dark rye and a French style baguette. Butter was offered in three flavors reminding me of the farm fresh allusions of my childhood. Nicely done for a start I remember thinking, as there is nothing more important than first impressions to set the stage for the rest of a dining experience. Menus were not an issue as while we were visiting with Chef Kalnins earlier he promised to surprise us with his specialties of the house.
Inars Kalnins - Bellevue Cuisine To start off with Chef Kalnins wowed us with his Fusion from Foie Gras and Stewed Chicken served with avocado-pineapple salad and chili ice cream. OK, what could possibly follow that opening salvo, I thought but Chef Kalnins continued to 'turn it up a notch' as he continued his regimen. Other highlights of our culinary experience included such delicacies as Cream Soup Fusion with Lobster Medallions and Scallops, which I must say impressed me the most with its outstanding exotic spice flavors layered within a lightly creamed and curried fish stock that supported tender morsels of ocean fresh lobster meat and slightly opaque scallops.
To top it off it was nicely decorated with red beet wafers and lemongrass and served with colored papardelle pasta. Red being the color of the day we moved on to sculptured intermezzo of Dark Red Raspberry Sorbet nestled in Ice Glove with Red Roses, and this was topped with a refined touch of J. Oppmann Privat Champagne nicely supplementing the tart raspberry with multilayered aromas of peach and apricot. Also worth mentioning was the Marzipan Roll with Almond Cookies and Berries Variations as this was not only a well designed arrangement of shapes and textures but it offered a fitting end to an imaginative and satisfying dinner.
“Much continued success and well being to you and your crew Chef Inars Kalnins, our hats are off to you!.” ~ TB
by Thorsten Buehrmann & Arno Goudschaal

Editor: Ingrid Lemme

Editor-in-Chief: John Lomitola
© 2006 ~ Seven Stars and Stripes, Inc.

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