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Giardino Restuarant
Giardino Restaurant Logo
Budapest - Hungary
5 Stars & 6 Stripes
Extraordinary - Society
June - 2008
5 Stars & 6 Stripes
Overall - 'Cuisine & Service'
The Ultimate Award:
Seven Stars and Stripes®
When creating something truly unique in the highly competitive world of cuisine, one must look beyond the expected and learn the value of risk taking. After all, the act of eating engages all senses as well as the mind often producing a tumultuous transformation into pleasure, which is the ultimate expression of flavor. The Giardino Restaurant at the Kempinski Hotel Corvinus in Budapest is directed by Executive Chef Roland Holzer, an Austrian national with an impressive history as head of many of the top restaurant venues in world-class hotels around the world. It is through his inspired leadership that he has brought Il Giardino to the edge of imaginative culinary achievement and beyond. The Food & Beverage Manager Simon Zaglmann greeted us graciously and led us to our table all the while filling us in on some highlights of Hungarian history in Budapest. With the beautiful Danube River nearby, our view to the street in this upper-class neighborhood included the adjacent high-end shops like Hugo Boss and Cream fronted by a relaxed pedestrian walkway. Executive Chef Holzer reminded us that the right ambiance is only the beginning of our culinary journey and that he intends to satisfy our gastronomic wanderlust with his special talents.
We began by observing the way Il Giardino presents wafer thin slices of Prociutto di Parma to its guests by slicing directly in front of them with an ornate machine located on a cart. This delectable treat was accompanied by beautiful cocktail of campari, gin and pink grapefruit, which worked to sooth the palate while allowing the prociutto to practically melt in your mouth. Next came the sublime flavor of Gooseliver Terrine with Tokaji Gelee, a decidedly sensual sensation producing perfect harmony with the addition of botrytised Tokaji essence, the national grape varietal of Hungary. A delightful bottle of Tokaji Aszu 1993 Six Puttonyos fit like a puzzle piece offering a supporting role of fresh berries and crème brulee.
Giardino Cuisine
Please take a closer look
Next came the Chilled Baby Leek Soup with Balik Lachs, an unusually skillful fusion of subtle flavors and textures further heightened by the chilling process. A suitable bottle of Sauvignon Blanc Figula 2007, accentuated the restrained essence of the noble lachs with a fine nose of fennel followed by balanced tones of citrus and melon. Our main course featured the 'king of flat fish', Grilled Atlantic Turbot with fresh Porcini Mushrooms, with a pristine soft and meaty white flesh, which is a perfect vehicle for uniting the classic earthy elements of the porcini mushrooms. A deliciously stylish Noblesse Siklósi Chardonnay Malatinszky 2006 propelled the turbot into high gear with its racy but classy aromas of fruit, honey, spice and fresh herbs.
2008 - Award-Hand-Out - Giardino - Restaurant
2008 - Award-Hand-Out: Giardino Restaurant - Budapest (PHOTO-TOUR - CLICK HERE)
Certainly, before concluding our dining experience we expected nothing less than perfection in the form of a finishing touch. We were not to be disappointed! Team member Edit Domoki, the Pastry Chef sent out a silky smooth Sabayon of Fresh Berries topped with red currants, bananas and a decadent dollop of vanilla ice cream. This royally rich dessert was paired with a bottle of Oremus Late Harvest Tokaji 2006 presenting fresh lemon juice, butter and lemon gelee on the palate. Famed for their health and restorative properties, Tokaj wines have long been the favorites of the rich, beautiful and powerful.
Executive Chef Holzer has assembled a team of talented professionals that work
hard to emulate their leader's spirited style. They have certainly succeeded!” ~ TB
by Edmund Buehrmann & Bernd Deyerler & Thorsten Buehrmann

Editor: John Lomitola

Editor-in-Chief: Ingrid Lemme
© 2008 ~ Seven Stars and Stripes, Inc.

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