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In Barcelona Receives
6 Stars and Stripes
6 Stars & Stripes
Cuisine & Service

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"A classical Oriental touch of tender pink and earthy gold
- and that made all the difference..." Thorsten Piosczyk
The admiration and dedication written on each team members face, amidst a flurry of activity deep inside the command center of L'Orangerie, was for their passionate leader Executive Chef Daniel Bausá as he focused on each inspired creation being prepared for delivery to guests of this successfully acclaimed restaurant.
My fortunate introduction at this precise moment truly gave me personal insight into the everyday workings of a Master Chef and his team whose current cuisine theme for this month during Culinary Year is “Oranges”. Never at a loss for creativity, Chef Bausá inaugurated his idea to change food themes each month throughout the year in an effort to highlight some of Barcelona's most sought after locally grown produce. Of course, an orange is an orange unless it is carefully utilized in the hands of Chef Bausá's inspired innovative art. The theme continues monthly and consists of "Asparagus" for April and "Strawberries" for May. This brings to mind the awesome resourcefulness necessary in this sort of "Iron Chef" test of talent.
Our auspicious arrival at L'Orangerie gave us the opportunity to be in the care of a perfectionist, a man who makes each dish its own event. To our delight came an aperitif of Cavas, sparkling wine from the northeast Spain traditionally made with native grape varietals. This was followed by an elegant bottle of Voss artesian water from Norway demonstrating that the far reaching search for perfection has no bounds.
A difficult choice of 8 varieties of house baked breads was offered next, delicately paired with the famed artisan French Echiré butter. By doing so, the restaurant began to set itself apart from the rest.
Two kitchen greetings of small tapas-like treats later, we were faced with the incredible King Prawn Tatare with Orange Foam. This was followed with Confit of Cod with orange mousse (pictured right) served with chorizo bread and goat cheese. I guess I was totally mesmerized by the three dimensional beauty of my entrée that I failed to hear the affirmative comments from photographer Arno about his Duck Breast in Puff Pastry with leeks and cardamom compote.
Please take a closer look
"I was totally mesmerized by the three dimensional beauty of my entrée ..." - Thorsten Piosczyk
It became obvious to us that such passion for the best that life has to offer and the desire to share it with others is a rare trait in this fast paced world of ours. It takes hard work and tireless dedication to shop daily at the local markets for the freshest locally grown produce, dairy products and great meats. Chef Bausá develops and maintains personal relationships with all his suppliers thereby guaranteeing a steady stream of the finest ingredients to be used in his inspired kitchen workshop. In his spare time he even finds the energy for cooking classes, which provide him with a way to pass along the expertise gained over many years in the business.
Daniel Bausá & Thorsten Piosczyk
Daniel Bausá & Thorsten Piosczyk
It came time now for a fitting end to our delightful evening of colorful and exotic cuisine. Chef Bausá exited the kitchen and waded through the packed restaurant stopping here and there to the applause of his admiring patrons. With him was sommelier Alex Duran who was responsible for the continuous flow of classic Spanish wines personally chosen for pairing with the wondrous flavors and textures of his mentor's cuisine. With over 350 selections all available by the glass, L'Orangerie is certainly a step above the rest.
We were totally content with the full blown demonstration of world-class cuisine presented to us in the past few hours. We decided to take our double espressos outside to sit and soak up the dramatic nocturnal panoramic view of the city of Barcelona. We strolled past the three works of art sculptures representing "Earth", "Light" and "Water", essential elements adding to the allure of a recently published description of the resort as ". . . .20's glamour with a modern design".
by Thorsten Piosczyk & Arno Goudschaal

Editor-in-Chief: John Lomitola

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Although the above information was accurate at the time of publication, it can change without notice. Please be sure to confirm all pertinent information with the companies in question before planning your trip.

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