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La Brezza Restaurant
American Dream Cuisine™
La Brezza Restaurant
Hotel Eden Roc
In Ascona, Switzerland receives
6 Stars & 6 Stripes - Award
6 Stars & 6 Stripes
Cuisine & Service

The Ultimate Award:
Seven Stars and Stripes™
There's great news coming out of Ascona on the banks of the beautiful azure Lago Maggiore in southern Switzerland. Hotel Eden Roc has done it again and proven that its stature as luxury playground for those who insist on nothing but the best in service, hospitality and cuisine is justified. The Eden Roc, led by General Manager Daniel Ziegler and his highly trained staff, has moved into the rarefied position of earning another stripe for its already proven track record. It now means that with 6 Stars and 6 Stripes, the Eden Roc Hotel is only within one star of "World Class Perfection".

The Seven Stars and Stripes Global Award team recently had the privilege to return to the premises for update review of this fabulous all-encompassing resort and at the behest of Mr. Ziegler, literally "to look into every corner and around every turn". The original visit in 2003 resulted in awarding a very high level of perfection on this grandiose and stately establishment.
In particular, the La Brezza Restaurant at the Hotel Eden Roc has set new standards by raising the bar to lead by example on the cutting edge of the Nouveau European Cuisine. Under the tutelage of Executive Chef Rolf Krapf La Brezza has managed to produce the same consistent satisfying experience for all who are lucky enough to discover, experience and to dine. Chef Krapf also takes a personal interest in the service and presentation of his unique creations, thereby guaranteeing a true reflection of his committed passion for his cuisine. Thorsten Piosczyk & Rolf Krapf
Thorsten Piosczyk & Rolf Krapf
“La Brezza is an oasis at the Lago Maggiore. Artistry is evidenced
in the kitchen of Krapf, he'll keep us writing." ~ TP
At the behest of GM Mr. Zeigler, Our Global Awards team discovered, experienced and ate their way through umpteen courses of delectable superbly concocted original creations produced by the La Brezza dream team. After all, Chef Krapf is also approaching the equally prestigious "16 Chef Hats" award from Gault Millau and this gastronomic marathon only reaffirmed the Chef's adherence to our own unique set of rigorous criteria.
Cuisine: Rolf Krapf - La Brezza We began our evening with heightened anticipation as to the ‘new order’ of surprises in store for us on this memorable occasion. After being seated, my normally pragmatic spirit at once focused with ease on the tranquil effect of the panoramic views through to the mesmerizing Lago Maggiore. Two glasses of Laurent Perrier Champagne were thrust in front of my dream-like apparition and I eagerly savored their fine golden straw colored mousse. Knowing full well that only the finest grapes from the best vintages are utilized, I was pleased with the broad spectrum of citrus scents and delicate nose that characterize this consistently pleasing champagne.
"Two glasses of Laurent Perrier Champagne were thrust in front of my dream-like
apparition and I eagerly savored their fine golden straw colored mousse." ~ TP
Our attention now shifted as the beautiful first course arrived for us to sample. Beef Carpaccio with Provencal Vegetables was the opening salvo and we took special note of the wafer-thin, lightly marbled ruby colored slices of beef. It became immediately obvious to us that Chef Krapf indulges in only the finest products available to him at any given time and works his magic through the artful attention given to each preparation. This was also true of the Smoked Salmon with Fresh Garden Salad and Eggplant Salsa.
I was further amazed by the melt-in-your mouth quality of the salmon coupled with the tantalizing hint of apple wood smoke. My level of satisfaction seemed to elevate with every moment spent savoring each bite. Our good fortune of coinciding this visit to La Brezza with the beginning of spring provided us with powerful tasting examples of this early harvest including fresh locally grown asparagus. Poached St. Peter’s Fish Rouladen over Fresh Glazed Green Asparagus offered flavors bursting with spring’s freshness by careful steaming and co-mingling with the delicate, subtleness of the fish. Cuisine: Rolf Krapf - La Brezza
For the moment it was appropriate to dive into the attractive arrangement of fresh house made breads sitting at the center of the table. Chef Krapf’s team produces its own bread from scratch specializing in whole grain varieties of wheat, barley and oatmeal. It was the ‘laugen brot’ (barley bread) that caught my eye covered with ‘mohn’ or poppy seeds. It seemed to go well with the soft subtle lemony flavor of the terrific Greek olive oil placed on the table by the server as soon as he saw me reaching for the ‘staff of life’. As we dug deeper into the pile of bread, our photographer Arno shouted “Speck Brot!” (Smoked bacon bread) and quickly stuffed a sizeable piece into mouth with paprika butter before I could react.
Cuisine: Rolf Krapf - La Brezza Our dutiful server placed a fine bottle of Bianco D’Oro Kerner Terreni alla Maggia, Ascona directly in front of us and announced that this local gem of a wine would serve as our mainstay beverage to get us through the next course. We tipped the glass to our nose and noticed the intense bouquet of apple blossoms while observing its light green and yellow hue. This event brought forth the main courses of Roasted Sea Bream over Braised Artichokes and Spring Vegetables for Arno and for me Roasted Brazilian Beef on Eggplant and Zucchini Picatta.
To make sure that the pronounced flavors of the Brazilian beef were dutifully accommodated, a bottle of Quattromani Merlot Brivio, Delea, Gialdi, Tamborini was suggested as the accompaniment to this extroverted creation. This wine was literally born out of the ‘hands’ of four individuals of noteworthy winemaking distinction named on the label. While taking two years to develop and by using only the best grapes from each of the four vineyards, the results added up to a well structured deep red wine with dried fruit permeating throughout showing notes of dark chocolate and smoke. Seven Stars & Stripes Tip: Don’t miss this wine; it is truly an outstanding innovation.

It is evident that Chef Krapf and his team have taken great pains to focus on the well-crafted but little known wines of Ticino and have designed their original recipes to pair exceptionally well with them. With our main courses having been cleared from the table, Chef Krapf was now positioned to present the grand finale with the opening salvo being the rather large cheese wagon slowly approaching the table. Certainly in keeping with the tradition of emphasizing local products, La Brezza offers an astonishing selection of regional fresh and aged cheeses combined with an assortment of fresh and dried fruits. Our personal favorite was an ash covered fresh goat cheese laced with black truffles and a particularly sharp hunk of 3-year-old local Parmigiano.

All in all, our return this year to La Brezza and encountering the talents of its innovative Executive Chef proved to us once again that creativity, consistency and elegance reign while providing a solid foundation for a great culinary experience in a unique environment.
"Hotel Eden Roc has done it again and proven that its stature as luxury playground for
those who insist on nothing but the best in service, hospitality and cuisine is justified." ~ TP
by Thorsten Piosczyk & Arno Goudschaal

Editor-in-Chief: John Lomitola

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Although the above information was accurate at the time of publication, it can change without notice. Please be sure to confirm all pertinent information with the companies in question before planning your trip.

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