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7 Stars and 7 Stripes
World Level Perfection
July - 2002
7 Stars & 7 Stripes
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The Ultimate Award:
Seven Stars and Stripes®
World premiere of the new Maybach
  • Automotive masterpiece with a new dimension of luxury and comfort

  • Trailblazing technical innovations by Mercedes-Benz as standard

  • Extensive luxury appointments for individual customer requirements

  • From standstill to 100 km/h in 5.4 seconds with a 550 hp biturbo engine

  • Ten airbags and the SBC™ braking system for exemplary safety
New York - Four months after its comeback at the Geneva Motor Show, the luxury car brand Maybach is presenting the exciting new high-end automobile to the public for the first time.

Equipped with the automotive technology of the 21st Century, crafted in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and designed with scrupulous attention to detail, the new Maybach reflects the expertise of DaimlerChrysler as the world's most innovative and tradition-steeped vehicle manufacturer while benefiting from the technical leadership, know-how and unique experience of its sister-brand Mercedes-Benz in the worldwide luxury car segment.

The Maybach defines the standards at the very peak of the passenger car market, at the same time continuing the tradition of the legendary Maybach automobiles which were among the elite in German and international automotive engineering together with Mercedes-Benz during the 1920s and 1930s.

Trailblazing innovations so far uniquely available in Mercedes-Benz vehicles have undergone further development for the Maybach and are included in the standard equipment: the electro-hydraulic braking system Sensotronic Brake Control (SBC™), the electronically controlled air suspension system AIRMATIC DC (Dual Control), LINGUATRONIC voice control, the operating and display system COMAND APS or the automatic emergency call system TELEAID.

These are complemented by further masterpieces of automotive engineering which were specifically developed for the Maybach and substantiate its claim to the high-end position in the luxury car segment: the most powerful, highest powerplant in the world, the Type 12 engine (with 405 kW/ 550 hp), innovative and comfortable fully-reclining seats in the rear, a 600 Watt sound system with Dolby surround sound on every seat and the highly efficient four-zone climate control system with two separate air conditioners.
A world apart
  • Dimensional concept: new standards in ride comfort

  • Seats: travel in a relaxed, reclining position

  • Equipment: DVD player, colour monitor and refrigerator compartment in the rear

  • Dashboard: high-quality, hand-finished leather surface

  • Climatic comfort: two systems for efficient, four-zone climate control
The new Maybach is an automobile that distinguishes itself and its owner while excelling in every respect - especially in the interior. Elegance, comfort, equipment and technology are at a previously unattainable level, meet the most demanding requirements and represent the peak of automobile development.

Merely glancing at the dimensions of this high-end luxury car shows that the Maybach 62 is a world apart: 6165 millimetres long, 1980 millimetres wide and 1573 millimetres in height - no other series-production car approaches these dimensions and is able to offer its passengers so much space and wellbeing. Only the legendary Mercedes-Benz 600 (model series V 100) exceeded the length of the Maybach by 75 millimetres, however the comfort-related dimensions such as head and shoulder-room were more modest in this 1964 VIP limousine. This illustrates the intelligent dimensional concept of the Maybach 62, whose sole aim is to achieve the maximum possible comfort. A few facts and figures:
  • The interior length - measured from the driver's accelerator heel point to the rear passenger's hip reference point -- is 2682 millimetres.

  • The distance between seats (front hip reference point to rear hip reference point) is 1570 millimetres.

  • The distance between the front seats is 840 millimetres - measured from seat centre to seat centre.
Maybach Interior
The boot capacity also significantly exceeds the figures usually encountered in this vehicle class. It is 605 litres - approx. 40 percent more than in other luxury cars. This means that the luggage compartment of the Maybach has enough room to accommodate five large suitcases or four golfbags. Should a Maybach customer require a spare wheel (available at no extra cost) instead of the standard tyre sealing kit TIREFIT, the boot capacity is reduced to 500 litres.

Rear seats: first-class comfort and convenience
Two newly developed, individual seats lend the finishing touch to the wellbeing of passengers in the rear of the Maybach 62. Their special feature is the unique reclining position, which travellers have previously only encountered with the First Class compartments of modern passenger jets. If the rear passenger selects the pre-programmed reclining position by pushing a button, the seat backrest slowly reclines to the rear by up to 47 degrees, and at the same time a thigh support and footrest are pivoted forward from the lower seat section. In this way the passenger is able to enjoy the journey in a very relaxed resting position and adjust the seat to his personal comfort requirements with just a few operating commands.
Arrival - Maybach - Emirates Palace
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Emirates Palace - Arrival
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Although the above information was accurate at the time of publication, it can change without notice. Please be sure to confirm all pertinent information with the companies in question before planning your trip.

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